GMQ Europe produces chemical products for car washing, cleaning and maintenance. Only high-quality substances (raw materials) and their compounds made in Europe are used. Consistent and focused activity of the company, innovations, laboratory tests, analysis of ground rocks in different regions of the country help to develop perfectly acting chemical products. Annual production capacity of concentrated products exceeds 2000 tons.

GMQ Europe has first introduced touch free car wash in Lithuania. The company has adopted this revolutionary technology and was looking for ways how to wash cars without using brush, sponge, or other washing tools that increase the risk of damaging external surfaces of car body. Detergents containing phosphates are not used, therefore the technology is environmentally friendly, and meets all environmental requirements of the Republic of Lithuania, the European Union legislation and REACH.

Why we are better

Our activity at GMQ Europe is our mission and a dream come true. Based on thorough analysis of the situation in the market we introduce innovations and future technologies. This is how the ideas of new products are born, Customers are consulted on washing processes and how innovation could be introduced into these processes. Technical information, specifications, and material safety data sheets are provided on request. We strive for environmentally friendly products that would help saving Earth’s resources in production processes.

We are reliable

GMQ Europe is proud to be producer of products and developer of innovative chemical products. For different markets, maximum washing effect is achieved by selecting the most suitable chemical compounds. Raw materials are tested during all the stages of production from the moment they are received till the moment the final product is put on market.

We are flexible

Thanks to flexible approach of GMQ Europe, we can offer products according to client needs using neutral labels or client’s brand. There is a possibility to change product composition, recipes, and separate components for the final product to exceed expectations. Various packaging is available as well as wide range of colours and scents.